Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why opensource continues to fail...

Overheard in #lunixtv...

<timmy> oh, i thought by 'we' you meant like lunix-dvb.
<mrec> as if I would work with linuxdvb
<mrec> those showstoppers should stop their own shows
<timmy> keke
<mrec> I moved the entire dvb and v4l api to userland which is sufficient for those USB devices
<mrec> and this now also works with other unix systems
<mrec> eg. OSX :-)
<mrec> backward compatibility is no issue anymore either with this
<timmy> didnt know anyone still used osx.
<mrec> iPhone :-)
<timmy> the most irrelevant platform of 21st century.
<mrec> I don't mind the driver is 1:1 the same which I use on OSX?
<mrec> :)
<mrec> so once something is brought up on linux it will fully work on the other systems too


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